As the climate crisis intensifies, more of us will find ourselves stepping up. To continue to build pressure on corrupt institutions and governments, we need a resilient community, able to bounce back time and again until we see the systemic change our people and planet urgently need. CASP believes this resilience comes from pairing action with care, collective preparedness for whatever may come from resistance and a strategic approach to subsequent court proceedings, remand and imprisonment.

Community Care

CASP is a community project. We believe in looking after everyone involved in climate action, whether they are on the frontline or a friend or family member of someone involved. We exist to ensure resistance does not come at the expense of the wellbeing of those who make the biggest sacrifices for our movement. We challenge the classism of environmental activism by managing a hardship fund. We work with a trans-inclusive approach and have a back office team trained to make legal confrontations as comfortable as possible for queer activists. We acknowledge the vulnerability of racialised, neurodivergent and disabled folks in action and are working to encompass this across our provisions.  

Care at every stage of action, means no one will be left behind.

What are we fighting for

We believe that the climate movement urgently needs a support structure as we move further into resistance. CASP aims to be that structure, reflecting the caring, equitable and sustainable future we are fighting for in both our work and our organising. We aim to reflect collectively, learn together and build on this learning.